We are proud to announce the creation of the RockerFellas VIP Membership Programme!

How do I benefit from this membership?
Enjoy discounted rates for gym entries at the gyms below and equipment from shops. We are still working on discussions with other gyms, as well as gym equipment shops so watch out for any new updates here or on our RockerFellas Facebook Page.

RockerFellas VIP Membership Benefits & Discounts (in Singapore & Malaysia)

How will the gyms know that I am a RockerFellas VIP member?
Once your application has been submitted and processed, an e-Membership card will be generated and sent to your provided email address. Remember to keep that email safe!!! Save it as a screenshot and just flash it to the gym staff to enjoy discounted rates.

Are there any membership fees?
Membership fees are at $8/year. Membership will automatically be terminated after 1 year if membership fees are not paid duly (expiry date will be indicated on the e-card). A reminder email will be sent to you prior to expiry, so do remember to renew your membership promptly!

How do I sign up?
Now this is the most important question!

Step 1:


or go to http://bit.ly/RFmembership

Step 2: Make payment ($8 via Paynow/Paylah! to 96250587)

Step 3: Email the transaction proof and a profile photo to rockerfellasmembership@gmail.com.

We will need a recent photo that shows your face clearly! The photo needs to be minimum 800 pixels on the shorter side (how to check dimensions).

No group photos or of you wearing hat/sunglasses. A passport photo will be best.

Else, a selfie where you are looking straight into the camera and your facial features are clearly seen is fine too. 🙂

By signing up to the Rockerfellas membership programme, you agree and acknowledge that you may receive promotional material such as upcoming events and special offers.



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